Mission Projects

Motivated by scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit, we will support Christian mission programs that provide international, national, and local outreach, using our prayers, labor, and finances.  A list of our current projects is provided below.  If you have any questions or would like to be involved in this work, please contact our church office.

  • Paths of hope

    OIEPC member Susan Smith founded a mission organization called “Paths of Hope.”  The organization focuses on disadvantaged children and young adults in Lima, Peru.  Partnering with United World Missions and missionaries Billy and Kate Greenman, Paths of Hope mentors these disadvantaged Peruvian children and young adults to develop purpose in their lives by nurturing them in the Christian faith and guiding them into successful careers.  These children are orphaned and have had little hope of obtaining a successful adult life.  Paths of Hope funds all program expenses.  Missionaries Billy and Kate Greenman will coordinate the mission’s program in Peru and raise their own support through United World Mission.

  • United World Mission

    Billy and Kate Greenman’s mission work in Peru began with short-term trips in high school.  Separately, each of them developed a love for the country and for the orphans and vulnerable children with whom they worked.  After college graduation in 2009, both came to Peru as full-time missionaries.  They met and married in 2013.

    In 2019 the Greenmans began working with Paths of Hope Ministries, developing and directing the work of trauma competent care for abandoned and at-risk children. 

  • wec international

    Located in France, Scot and Lydie Fogle have supported missions throughout the world for over 16 years.  Scot as program director has coordinated the evangelizing, church planting, immigrant outreach, and missionary leadership development.  In August, 2019 they moved to a new assignment.  Scot is now serving as principle of the Cornerstone Bible College for Missions Training in Beugen, Netherlands, where he takes on both administrative and teaching responsibilities.  The college trains students spiritually, mentally and morally, and equips them for the expansion and development of the Church of Jesus Christ worldwide.  Scot is the son of OIEPC members Gary and Suzan Fogle.

  • global network training

    Doug & Abby Vinez have been providing biblical and theological training to thousands of indigenous church planters, pastors and Christian leaders, on the African Continent since 2008. These pastors effectively equip and lead their congregations to evangelize and disciple their communities for Christ. Doug has noted that in Africa, 80% of the pastors have no biblical training. Doug and Abby provide ongoing training in the Western Province of Zambia and Namibia. They have also trained in South Africa, Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. They return to Africa annually and some years return twice. Each year they are reaching out to new African communities to bring the Bible training to their leaders.

    Percy Muleba is an Inyambo Mission Center leader and ordained pastor who is working to train and equip other pastors and church leaders to reach out to those who do not know Christ in the Western Province section of Zambia.  He states how humbling it is to see the young adults they have discipled become part of the mission program. Percy travels with Doug and Abby Vinez, providing training in Zambia and Namibia. He recently met with the Bushmen of Namibia in the Zambezi region. He noted that the Lord has opened a door for them to be trained.  

  • anchor of hope

    Sarah Smith is a missionary serving with Stepping Forward Ministries in Romania.  She has been there over ten years working with abandoned babies, orphans, and foster/adoptive families.  Sarah holds a yearly camp for the orphanage children where they learn about Christ while doing relationship therapy.  Inspired by Hebrews 6:19, Sarah sees Jesus as the only real hope these orphaned and abandoned children have. This year there is a special emphasis on placing more children in foster families, and in teaching foster parents and caregivers how to care for children from traumatic backgrounds.  Sarah asks us to pray for the children and the opening of international adoptions by the Romanian government.

  • Samaritan’s Purse Shoebox Ministry

    “Operation Christmas Child” partners with churches all over the world to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  A shoebox filled with small gifts of love open the way for learning about the Greatest Gift, Jesus Christ.  The congregation begins the Christmas season each year by filling shoeboxes to distribute to children through Samaritan’s Purse Ministries.

  • Providence Home - Family Emergency Teen Center

    Providence Home provides a safe and nurturing shelter for youth, ages 10-17, who due to a home emergency or crisis cannot remain with their families.  Their mission is to provide eligible Brunswick County youth with short-term and safe shelter.  They provide 24 hr. supervision, care, educational support, counseling services, and opportunities for spiritual development, for a maximum of ninety days, at no cost to the families.  Their goal is the reunification of families. 

  • Southport-Oak Island Interchurch Fellowship

    SOIIF is made up of 20 local churches who seek a united witness to Christ in our community working together in support of God’s work.  Meeting short term human needs is a primary focus by operating one of the largest food pantries in the county and working with Brunswick Family Assistance to provide emergency financial aid to those requesting help.  SOIIF also coordinates availability of Sunday morning worship at local nursing homes.  Other programs are an annual fundraising walk, a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration, and community Lenten services.

  • UNCW Reformed University Fellowship

    Reformed University Fellowship, UNC, Wilmington is a local Presbyterian campus outreach ministry that reaches out to university students who are seeking spiritual fulfillment in knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior and Redeemer, and taking part in a like-minded community to grow their Christian faith.  The program offers a weekly worship service with an average of 115+ students and develops student leaders who lead small study groups.  Sam Kennedy is the RUF campus minister and OIEPC member Rebekah Taylor was an active student in the RUF program.

  • Oak Island Angel Tree Program

    OIEPC responds in loving generosity to fill Christmas wish lists with gifts for needy children and adults on Oak Island.  The OKI Resource Center gathers specific wishes from families in need and prints individual requests on tags for our Angel Tree or due to the pandemic provide gift cards.  Our church has historically demonstrated an outpouring of love and generosity in support of this program to make Christmas a little brighter for many families in our community who live below the poverty level.

  • OIEPC Emergency Family Assistance

    OIEPC's Human Needs Program functions as a safety net for local residents of the Oak Island Southport area who are in need of emergency assistance.  We help with urgent issues, including overdue rent or utility bills for those who are facing eviction or cutoff due to a short-term situation that has impacted their ability to pay.  We also assist homeless families with locating shelter, providing counseling, finding employment, and managing expenses.  We respond to legitimate requests when other local agencies do not have funding or their specific guidelines disqualify the requestor.  Most families receiving help are living below the poverty level.