Sermon Schedule for January / February 2024

sunday, january 28

the beatitudes

Matthew 5:1-16  Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount with these well-known sayings that describe what life in the Kingdom of God looks like.

sunday, February 4

The New Law of Jesus

Matthew 5:17-37  Jesus does not “ditch” the Law, but reconfigures it. In fact, while the obligation of the Old Testament ceremonial law is removed for his followers, Jesus actually expands the demands of the moral law.

sunday, february 11

No Retaliation

Matthew 5:38-48  One of the most challenging things Jesus commands is for his followers in the world to break free of the “law of retaliation,” and even to love their enemies. This remains as unpopular among Christians today as it must have been for those who first heard Jesus’ teaching.

sunday, february 18

Performative Piety

Matthew 6:1-18  Jesus calls his followers to avoid what we might call “performative” piety, a religion that is for show, for impressing others, or showing off how “good” and “sincere” we are. He calls for our piety to be real, deep, and even “secret” to some degree.

sunday, february 25

Wealth and Anxiety

Matthew 6:19-34  What is our relationship to money and the material things of life, and to what degree are we driven by our anxiety to seek them? This is the question that Jesus asks us as we reflect on his teaching from the closing portions of the sixth chapter of Matthew.