Sermon Schedule For January 2023

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sunday, january 8

trust & obey

John 14:15-31: Jesus tells his disciples that love of him and obedience to him go together. This goes together with what Jesus describes as the work of the Holy Spirit. There is no contradiction between love and obedience.

sunday, january

the true vine

John 15:1-17  In the image of the vine and the branches, Jesus lays out a sober statement about our relationship with him. As the gardener prunes the branches of a plant, so also does the Father prune us. Painful though this may be, it is a necessary work in our lives, that we may, like a properly pruned tree, produce good fruit.

sunday, january 22

when the world hates you

John 15:18-16:4  Jesus tells his apostles not to be surprised when they find that the world hates them. As Christians living in a increasingly hostile world, how do we deal with such hostility. Jesus promises to equip his followers with all that they need to serve him, even in a hostile world.

sunday, january 29        the work of the spirit

John 16:4-15  Jesus speaks again of the Holy Spirit, and tells his disciples that one of the works of the Spirit will be to tell them what he cannot tell them at the moment. This Word from the Spirit has been recorded and preserved for us in Scripture.